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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




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Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















our little green planet




































































Let's WHAT?!? - Let's Croc! That's a combination of Let's Rock! and .... you guessed it, a bunch of *CROC (as in, the "wild" bunch hanging out with Croc)- not to mention the name of our pal CROC - the alligator.

For more CROCTALES check out  where you find CROC advice, CROC diet etc.

Or, just click on the links on top of this page. For example, if you  follow the History & Evolution link you'll find early pictures of Croc and learn how it all started.

Our Mission

If CROCTALES® makes you smile at least once - mission accomplished!


tale = story,

Croc = Well, you just read all about Croc on top of this page, so we can skip this part, can't we?

CROCTALES® is a cartoon, created by a snow-bird* in Florida

*Snowbird = human!?!?, usually retiree, fleeing the cold weather up North to spend the winter in the Sunshine-State.

CROCTALES is not, what we call a "fast-food cartoon". You don't just consume it. You have to look closely and figure out the story behind each and every picture by yourself. Of course, there are hints, like signs and subtitles, but keep three things in mind:

1. Ducks can('t) spell - go figure.....

2. CROCTALES pictures are drawn by a (semi-retired) attorney. So look for twisted words and double-meanings.

reading between the lines

3. Sometimes the pictures are just about South Florida living; having fun in the sun.

So what are you waiting for??!? Click on the links on top of this page and/or on the left of your screen  - between the ducklings - and...... 


CROCTALES is also about taking pleasure in the simple things of life

Like having fun with our CROCTALES YACHT

Click HERE to for more CROC PHILOSOPHY

 Click HERE for more CROC ADVICE 

At first, CROCTALES was drawn by the artist, only for his wife to enjoy..... until the comic developed a life of it's own. Within eight years CROCTALES® - Let's Croc! has become a Registered Trademark, with CROCTALES - Let's Croc! clothing, coffee mugs, key rings, bags, backpacks, umbrellas, greeting cards and much, much more.

One of the bigger accomplishments in 2007 was a book called "CROCTALES - Go with the flow"; 

Publishing is a new experience to us. This was only the first book. The print quality wasn't great, the new books are much better - and with more color! 

At the end of May 2009 we launched the first CROCTALES for kids web site, after discovering the huge number of visitors from universities, schools and educational networks worldwide. We added the kids' ABC web page, where Croc, the ducklings and Cookie-Mouse learn how to spell, read and write. Which lead us to the next book:

2015 will mark the 15th anniversary of CROCTALES - Let's Croc!


with special events, a coloring contest for kids and new CROCTALES - Let's Croc! merchandise. Thanks to all our visitors for making our anniversary year so specialOh, Oh, how time flies! Another year with more great

CROCTALES - Let's Croc! adventures to come AND a new book:

Our Little Green Planet - check it out!

What else? O.k. you asked for it: After the big success of our mini-series Our little green planet

we launched our fun stimulus package - the CROCTALES EconCOMICAL Task Force (or was it task farce?),

  and ended 2009 on a more quiet note with our Christmas story called The little Christmas tree, available for download here.


Talking about Christmas and winter; don't forget to check out our CROCTALES winter adventure series.

CROCTALES- Let's Croc!® is simple - there's nothing fancy about it; just like this website.

CROCTALES drawings aren't perfect - but they are unique!   

Drawn with an old fashioned fountain-pen there is no room for second thoughts, there are no mistakes...

           .....just go with the flow (of the ink) and see what happens next.

CROCTALES - Let's Croc!  is fun for everyone. A cartoon for all ages; even small kids can enjoy the simple drawings.  Teens and adults get a kick out of subtle puns and  double-meanings hidden in some of  the pictures.

Just like our version of ONLINE-BANKING:

........o.k. it's more on-a-line piggy banking..... the safest money transfer there is!

Looking for more CROCTALES? Check out, and

Have fun and come back soon. Let's Croc!

In the last few months we were able to welcome visitors from the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Belgium, Singapore, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, France, Croatia, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, China, India, South Africa, Venezuela, Mauritius, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Tunisia, India, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Poland, Malaysia, Kuwait, Quatar, Dubai, the Philippines,  Egypt, Serbia, Denmark, Hungary, the Netherlands, Bangladesh, Nepal, Colombia, Guatemala, Argentinia, Puerto Rico, Macedonia, Croatia, Vietnam, Russia, Lithuania, the Ukraine,Taiwan,  Lativ and Indonesia, who made CROCTALES a worldwide success story.
CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic четырех уток, один из крокодиловой и мыши., CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic quattro anatre, un alligatore e il cookie mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic cuatro patos, un caimán y el "cookie" ratón, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! BD sur quatre canards, un alligator et la "cookie" souris. CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic τέσσερις πάπιες, ένα αλιγάτορα και το ποντίκι, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic négy kacsa, egy alligátor és az egeret, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic čtyři kachny, jeden aligátor a myš, Comic fire ænder, en Alligator og  cookie musen, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic neljä ankat, alligaattori ja  cookie hiiri, Stripovi četiri patke, jedan aligator i miša, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic vier eenden, een alligator en de cookie Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic fire ender, en alligatoren og Cookie Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic quatro patos, um jacaré e os cookies Mouse, CROCTALES - Let's Croc! Comic čtyři kachny, jeden aligátor a Cookie Mouse. CROCTALES - Ein Comic über vier freche Enten, einen Alligator und die Cookie Maus - Let's Croc!

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